About us

Бизнес, открытый миру NL International

NL International  is an international brand under which  direct sales companies operate in different countries

We unite dedicated people and offer them opportunities to start up their own business in partnership with  NL International. We create and promote products which are made to improve peoples' lives. We  do this so there are more and more healthy and confident people , who can change the world  for the better by their example, lifestyle and  actions .

На рынке

The company produces

> 300
Product names
100 Shops
> 350 Offices
> 450 000 Managers
> 1 200 000 Clients
24 Countries
> 300 Cities
150 000 Visits to our portal nlstar.com per day
26 000 Orders in our online shop per day
100 000 Phone calls a month