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NL International в третий раз получила награду «Звезда качества»

«Звезда качества»

и признание как «Лучшее предприятие России»

Февраль 2022 г.

«Звезда качества»

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Узнай, как компания NL и продукты меняют жизни людей


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Social responsibility

Social responsibility - we create new reality

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Новогодний розыгрыш NL New Year — подробные условия по всем странам присутствия NL

Условия участия и призы немного различаются по странам, но радости и азарта хватит всем!

Moldova will shine - limited Christmas collections are available for order

Body care products, healthy skin radiance and amazing gifts in one bottle are already in Moldova.

Congratulations to the owners of bonuses and welcome new participants of the Grant for a Dream program!

440 contracts are currently participating in the Dream Grant program, 9 have received certificates for the payment of a cash bonus

Only for NL managers: special tariffs of "Raffeisen Bank" for opening a settlement account for individual entrepreneurs

NL's new partner Raiffeisen Bank is making you an exclusive offer you can't refuse.

We welcome new members of the Millionaires Club


At the end of November, Alena and Roman Goncharovs joined the Millionaires Club.

Congratulations on the end of November!

In November, 1586 contracts closed qualifications from Master to DT4 for the first time. Qualifiers from DS to DT4 in November completed 54 contracts for the first time

Form on sensations - anti-cellulite products with thermal effects

Meet the new anti-cellulite products: HOT warming gel and COLD cooling cream-gel.

Solnechniy gorod Charity fund

A true childhood

Finding families for children left without parents,
supporting families in difficult life situations. You contribute to the fund by purchasing with NL.

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NL+Солнечный город