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Corporate History

Welcome to NL International!

Company producing innovative and safe products changing the way people live. Our pioneering approach to the network entrepreneurship will help you easily build your own business in partnership with NL.


NL History

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Our Awards:

  • – Healthy Nutrition Award in the Healthy Nutrition Innovation of The Year category — Detox Plus;
  • – Healthy Nutrition Award in the Consumer Choice category — Smart GO Pistachio, ED Smart Coffee, Lemon Cookies;
  • – Quality Star – 2021, Best Russian Company 2021 status;
  • – Quality Star – 2021, Best Company in Kazakhstan 2021 status;
  • Brand of the Year – 2021 in Uzbekistan.

The products range includes:

  • Fineffect textile and refillable cleaning products,
  • Fineffect aquapowder-concentrate for washing,
  • Energy Life protein bars,
  • Peptide Nutrition — a new category of dietary supplements,
  • Greenflash Key to health — a new dietary supplements line,
  • – updated line of Enerwood Every teas,
  • Be Loved sunscreens,
  • Be Loved Body creams and body milk,
  • Keto line Blueberry Cheesecake keto shake, Smart GO shakes with vegetable milk limited functional nutrition products,
  • Happy Smile Orange — a useful treat for children,
  • 3D Slim Cosmetics — a line of anti-cellulite products,
  • Carbo Light Drops low-carb flavor additives.

Fineffect cleaning products

Fineffect aquapowder

Energy Life protein bars

Peptide Nutrition

Greenflash Key to health

Enerwood Every tea

Be loved sunscreen

Be Loved Body cream and milk

Blueberry Cheesecake Keto line

Happy Smile Orange

3D Slim Cosmetics

Carbo Light Drops


Company events:

  • START – 2022 working online meeting of managers;
  • – Online business intensive;
  • SMM CAMP — online intensive training of social networking skills;
  • – May Million — RUB 1,000,000 were raffled off among new managers;
  • Sale Rally — high-speed sales marathon;
  • – NL 21st Birthday Party in Moscow (CSKA ARENA);
  • – Opening ceremony of Ultranovation R&D Laboratory as a Biotechnopark resident (Koltsovo, Novosibirsk). The laboratory was included into Welcome Day route as a new location;
  • – NL International production site has received the certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP – an international quality standard;
  • – 15 years birthday party of Sun City Charity Foundation;
  • Summer Refresh — offline tour of the office team: 4 countries, more than 2,000 participants;
  • Stars UP — online upgrade for managers in the qualification of Star;
  • Business Community Business Forum in Abu Dhabi;
  • – Online Star Marathon.

21st NL Birthday

Opening of Ultranovation R&D Laboratory

Sun City – 15-year Anniversary

Summer Refresh

Business Community in Abu Dhabi

Our Awards:

  • NL International is the winner of Healthy Nutrition Award 2021.
  • Smart GO shake wins the award in 'Product&Art' category for package design at the annual international award in design, architecture and visual communications Best for Life Design Award.
  • Collagen Formula is awarded in the Best Dietary Supplements category according to Cosmopolitan magazine.
  • – Sun City Charity Foundation is named the best in the 'Charity' category of Russian Social Projects annual publicly significant program.

The products range includes:

  • Smart Bread,
  • Be Loved Oriental, Korean cosmetics.
  • Carbo Light Cherry low-carb shake.
  • UP2U innovation line of shakes with phytolin and a new product category of superfoods,
  • Keto line protein peanut paste,
  • – New care cosmetics Be Loved. Be Smart.

Smart Bread

Be Loved Oriental

Carbo Light Cherry



Keto line

Be Loved. Be Smart


20st NL Birthday

Company events:

  • Start/2021 online business meeting for managers.
  • – Celebration of NL 20th Anniversary at the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg.
  • Business Community Forum in Dubai.
  • – Online Business Intensive Course.
  • – Online Star Marathon.

Business Community Forum in Dubai

  • NL Beauty Week – presentation of new make-up products in 12 cities on the same day.
  • – The first large-scale Welcome Day at NL. Two hundred managers, 4 locations: company headquarters, regional storage, flagship production site and the office of Sun City Charity Foundation.

NL – Welcome Day

Our Awards:

  • – Awarded with Quality Star – a significant award in the 'Best Russian Company - 2019' category according to the national rating of goods and services quality.
  • – The title of Best Manufacturing Company in the category Healthy Food Innovations.
  • UltraNovation R&D laboratory is being established and starting operation.
  • – The company holds the first public press tour to NL production site for journalists and bloggers.

Public press tour to NL production site

  • Discovery Russia TV channel shoots a story about NL International production site.

The products range includes:

  • – a new category of products — BioDrone and Biotune adaptogens,
  • PH Balance Stones water alkalizing kit,
  • ED Smart 3.0 third generation,
  • Smart GO shakes with milk powder,
  • Smart Bakery protein cakes.
  • Enerwood Herbal Tea premium herbal teas in pyramids,
  • Energy Life fruit pastille,
  • 3D Slim Program new weight loss program.


ED Smart 3.0 Lemon biscuit

Smart Go

Smart 3.0

PH Balance Stones, серый

PH Balance Stones, бирюзовый

PH Balance Stones, желтый

Подпись: PH Balance Stones, салатовый



  • – Start of a new bonus program called Million for a Dream.
  • – Launch of NL. Success Stories - corporate podcast.
  • Polzateka marketplace of useful training opens (

Company events:

  • – Opening of NL International in Turkey, Georgia and Moldova.
  • – The company participates in the Russian Woodstock Rock Festival.
  • – Supports Thanks to Doctors All-Russian campaign.
  • NL 19th Birthday party at the Gymnastics Palace of Irina Viner-Usmanova in Moscow.
  • – The first Business Community forum in Turkey.
  • – Online Star Marathon.

NL 19th Birthday

Business Community forum in Turkey

Our Awards:

  • – NL production site in Novosibirsk has been certified and received ISO 22000 certificate.

The products range includes:

  • – panna cotta protein Italian dessert,
  • - Energy Diet Smart natural smoothies,
  • Must Have hair care products,
  • - FIRST EDITION selective perfumes,
  • - Thymol sanitizers.

Must Have


First Edition

Smoothies Energy Diet Smart


  • Black Star Wear & NL International collaborative fashion collection project.
  • – Two of First Edition selective perfumes are awarded in the ‘Breakthrough of the year’ category.
  • – Start of Diamond Club Bonus and Premium Mentor Bonus.
  • Smart Challenge sales marathon is launched.
  • – TenX Beauty Breakfasts are launched.
  • NL Helper - a new service for managers.
  • CLUB 200+ Telegram-channel.
  • FACE2BIZ application is launched.
  • Batteries, give up! - campaign for the collection and recycling of used batteries.

Company events:

  • NL 18th Birthday party in Sochi, Bolshoi Stadium.
  • – Presidential Voyage: Japan.

NL 18th

Presidential Voyage: Japan

Our Awards:

  • ED Smart shakes brand becomes the product of the year.
  • – NL business receives Halal certificate.

The products range includes:

  • – Energy Life fruit jelly,
  • – FASHION tea,
  • – Energy Life date bars,
  • – Energy Life crunchy granola,
  • – ED shakes for children.


Energy Life date bars

Crunchy granola

ED shakes for children


  • – Beginning of the partnership with Siberian Running Festival. Launch of NL Sport program.
  • We Are the Same Blood global campaign, invitation to become donors in 12 Russian cities.
  • – Training platform upgraded. A new format - NBS University is launched.
  • – Launch of SlimApp weight-loss application.
  • – Development of NL Analytics service for leaders aimed at increasing structure efficiency.

Company events:

  • – Opening of NL International in Uzbekistan.
  • – The first supermarket-store opens in Krasnodar.
  • International delivery service is launched.
  • NL UPgrade — educational intensive course in 10 cities.
  • NL 17th Birthday party in Moscow, Crocus City Hall.
  • – XVIth International President’s School in Ibiza.
  • Star Marathon in 12 cities.

NL UPgrade

We Are the Same Blood global campaign

NL 17th

President’s School in Ibiza


  • NL Store App is launched - an online store in a mobile phone.

The products range includes:

  • - ED Smart salty flavours and protein muesli,
  • - Joyfield natural fruit jelly,
  • - Sklaer toothpastes.

More than 400 cars are given under the Autobonus programme.

NL Assistant Chatbot is launched in Telegram messenger.

Start of FatMoney Season 1 weight loss project.

Sklaer toothpastes

Energy Diet Smart salty flavours

Joyfield jelly

Company events:

  • – The company moves its Headquarters to a newly constructed modern office building in Novosibirsk.
  • Rebranding and opening of a new format shops.
  • NL 16th Birthday party in Moscow, Crocus City Hall.
  • – XVth International President’s School in Thailand.
  • – Presidential Voyage: Tanzania and Zanzibar.
  • Star Marathon in 9 cities.

NL 16th

President’s School in Thailand


  • NBS Corporate School of Network Entrepreneurship starts working.
  • NL Reader corporate messenger is launched.
  • – Partner programs for entrepreneurs with Alfa Bank.
  • – The company developed and launched in-house production of ED Smart shakes.

The products range includes:

  • - TenX decorative cosmetics,
  • - Be loved watercolour collection,
  • - Yo Coffee,
  • - Detox Dietary Supplement,
  • - Energy Pro protein shakes.

ED Smart


Yo Coffee

Energy Pro

Detox Dietary Supplement

Company events:

  • – Opening of NL International in Kyrgyzstan.
  • NL 15th Birthday party in Moscow, Crocus City Hall.
  • – XIVth International President’s School in Morocco.
  • Star Marathon in 9 cities.

NL 15th

President’s School in Morocco

Our Awards:

  • Taste of the Year – 2015. Ten flavors of Energy Diet (Chocolate, Cappuccino, Coffee, Vanilla, Banana, Raspberry, Vegetables, Smoked Peas, Forest Berry Pasta Bread, Сreme Brulee) receives the Saveur de l'Annee 2015 award in Paris.


  • – The company launches its own production of food and Dietary Supplements.

The products range includes:

  • Energy Slim weight loss products,
  • Tenero natural makeup.

Energy Slim


Company events:

  • – Opening of NL International in Belarus.
  • Express delivery service is launched in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Referral program for managers is launched.
  • – NL Call-Сenter receives the First Class Service Award.
  • – Participation in Brain Ecology – 2015 All-Russian Scientific and Educational Festival.
  • NL 14th Birthday party in Moscow, Crocus City Hall.
  • – XIIIth International President’s School in Turkey.
  • Star Marathon in 6 cities.

NL 14th

President’s School in Turkey


  • – Start of Open Entry program. Anyone, even if he or she is not a manager or registered client, can buy products.
  • – We launched Cooking Energy Diet with Celebrities video project.
  • A new Phone Order service is launched.

The products range includes:

  • – Natural Fineffect Textile laundry detergents.
  • StarFit protein bars.
  • The range of Greenflash Dietary Supplements expands.

Company events:

  • NL 13th Birthday party in Moscow, Crocus City Hall.
  • Business Intensive Course in Moscow.
  • XIIth International President’s School in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).
  • – Presidential Voyage: Hong Kong, China, Boracay Island.
  • Star Marathon in 7 cities.

NL 13th

Business Intensive Course in Moscow

President’s School in United Arab Emirates


  • – Start of Autobonus program in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. 212 cars were given during the first year.
  • – The company launches a call-center.
  • – NL takes part in the shooting of Yolki 3 movie. According to the script, one of the main characters is the company manager. As a result, more than 5 million people saw our office in Novosibirsk.

Enerwood Vita natural powder drinks are included in the products range.

Company events:

  • NL 12th Birthday party in Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium.
  • Business Intensive Course in Moscow.
  • Spring Marathon in 30 cities of the country.
  • – XIth International President’s School in Turkey.
  • – Presidential Voyage: England, Scotland, Barbados.

Business Intensive Course

NL 12th Birthday

Star Marathon


  • – On December 13, 2012 the relay race devoted to the 10th anniversary of Energy Diet brand started. All-Russia flash mob has held from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad through 35 cities, gathering over 20,000 people in total at city events.
  • – The online store is launched.
  • – The company's account in VKontakte social network is created (
  • – The corporate portal reaches the level of 50,000 visits per day.
  • – The number of NL video views on YouTube channel exceedes 1 million.

Enerwood Herbal Teas are included in the products range.

Company events:

  • NL 11th Birthday party in Moscow, Crocus City Hall.
  • Business Intensive Course in Moscow.
  • – Xth International President’s School in Turkey.
  • – Presidential Voyage: Italy.
  • Star Marathon in 5 cities.

The relay race

NL 11th Birthday


  • Client Club Program.
  • Research. Scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences published a report on the biochemical evaluation of Enerwood. These teas help strengthen the immune system, human vitality, and improve the quality of living.
  • Research. Krasnoyarsk Institute of Preventive and Therapeutic Nutrition completed a year-long project on clinical testing of ED products. Conclusion: Energy Diet products can be recommended for the correction of overweight and obesity, as well as for the prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • – Become partners with MTS.
  • Sun City Charity Foundation wins Social Oscar in ‘Social Orphanhood Prevention. Motherhood and Childhood Support’ category of the Co-Action All-Russian Festival.

Company events:

  • NL 10th Anniversary party in Moscow, Crocus City Hall.
  • – IXth International President’s School in Turkey.
  • – Presidential Voyage: USA and Bahamas.
  • Star Marathon in 5 cities.


  • – The project Shops Across Russia is launched. During the first year, more than 15 retail stores opens in the major Russian cities.
  • Door-the-door delivery service is launched.
  • – NL becomes a primary sponsor and co-organizer of Across the Oceans with Energy Diet round-the-world expedition of Anatoly Kulik.
  • – Registration of the company's Twitter and YouTube accounts.

The products range includes:

  • Occuba Professional brand of professional hair care products.
  • – Rebranding of Bekra Mineral deodorant line to Crispento.

Company events:

  • NL 9th Birthday party in Moscow, Russia State Central Concert Hall.
  • – VIIIth Business School in the Czech Republic.
  • Business Intensive Course in Moscow.
  • – Presidential Voyage: Mexico.
  • Star Marathon in 4 cities.


  • The pilot project – opening of the first store in Novosibirsk.

The products range includes:

  • The fourth generation Energy Diet with HD (High Digestibility) enzyme complex is developed for the best digestion of food.
  • – Registration of Be Loved brand name and rebranding of the care cosmetics collection.
  • – Development of Lab for men cosmetics line for men.

LAB for men

Be Loved

Company events:

  • NL 8th Birthday party in Kazan, Basket-Hall Stadium.
  • – VIIth International President’s School in Turkey.
  • – Presidential Voyage: South Africa and Mauritius Island.
  • – Fifth Star Marathon in 8 cities.

Company events:

  • NL 7th Birthday party in Moscow, Dinamo Stadium.
  • – VIth International President’s School in Antalya (Turkey).
  • – Presidential Voyage: Bali and Singapore.
  • Star Marathon in 5 cities.


  • Client-Bonus Program is launched - NL expandes its customer market.
  • – A new qualification Diamond Tutor and 5 steps of the Diamond Tutor ladder are added to the marketing plan.
  • – A big social project Sun City Children Charity Foundation is launched (
  • – The headquarters in Novosibirsk moves into its first own office building.

The products range includes:

  • Fineffect – a new brand of eco-friendly cleaning products is developed and launched.

Company events:

  • NL 6th Birthday party in Kazan, Pyramid Concert Hall.
  • – Vth International President’s School in Turkey.
  • Business Intensive Course in Altai Mountains.
  • – Presidential Voyage: France.
  • Star Marathon in 6 cities.


  • – Russia and the CIS start working based on a new corporate distribution system, called IDC.
  • NL Europe joines the European Direct Selling Association FEDSA (later SELDIA), an organization that brings all major European direct selling companies together.

The products range includes:

  • – A new Joyfield fruit bar brand is introduced to the market.
  • Enerwood Every day teas with reishi mushroom are launched.
  • Energy Diet concept updated: packaging volume, method of preparation, and the range of flavors changed. The product becomes available in Russia in the same format as in Europe.

Company events:

  • NL 5th Birthday. The company celebrates its first anniversary gathering 3 thous. of participants. The event takes place at North sports complex in Novosibirsk city.
  • – IVth International President’s School in Tunisia.
  • The first Business Intensive Course in Altai Mountains.
  • – Presidential Voyage: Kenya.
  • Star Marathon in 3 cities.

The products range includes a new line of dietary supplements Greenflash.

Company events:

  • NL 4th Birthday party in Yekaterinburg, Cosmos Concert Hall.
  • – IIIth International President’s School in Belek (Turkey).
  • – Presidential Voyage: Thailand.
  • The first Star Marathon is held simultaneously in 7 cities as public and large-scale presentation.

The Company changes its name to NL International.

The products range includes:

  • – The start of sales of Bekra Mineral deodorants (later Crispento brand) based on alum stone crystal.

Company events:

  • – The first NL events takes place in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
  • NL 3rd Birthday party in Moscow with 300 participants.
  • – IInd International President’s School in Egypt, a large group of people from France visites the event for the first time.
  • – Presidential Voyage: Crete.

French partners join the project.

We find a French manufacturer, and register Energy Diet brand. New and yet unknown products - meal replacement shakes - enter Russian market.

Company events:

  • The first international President's School is held in Antalya, Turkey.
  • – In the spring 2003, the company took a very small group of leaders on their first international trip to Paris. This format would later be called the Presidential Voyage.

The website ( is launched

The first dietary supplements, healthy teas and the first Beauty Life cosmetic line are included in the product range.

The first offsite leadership event, which would later be known as the President's School (PS), was held in 2002 at the Berdsk Sanatorium near Novosibirsk city.

On December 22, 2000, a new company was born in Novosibirsk city. At that time, it was known as New Life.