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TenX, Tenero

Blush and powder brush

The large brush is suitable for both blush and powder application to face, neck, decollete area and for face contour building

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The large, round brush is perfectly suitable for equal distribution of powder, as well as for face contour building.

If applied correctly, blush creates an even, contoured face oval. This brush flawlessly blends and buffs makeup for a perfectly airbrushed effect. 

Thin bristles are soft and gentle and don’t irritate skin.

Made of high-quality, strong and long-lasting materials.

Handle: wood

Brush: white goat fur

Pick up a small amount of foundation with the brush and shake and brush onto your face, neck and chest area, blending out.

Pick up a small amount of blush and apply to cheek bones, moving from ears towards the center, blend in to reach a smoky effect.

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