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PH Balance Stones

PH Balance Stones, tiffany blue

Alkaline water set (device+cartridge), tiffany blue

PH Balance Stones is a device that:

  • balances water pH;
  • structures water;
  • gives a negative value of water redox potential;
  • filters and mineralizes water.

There is a natural water enrichment mechanism through rock-water interaction. Due to this process water gets a negative value of redox potential and becomes naturally alkaline. Such water is easily absorbed by the human body and it affects the efficiency of cells' energy currency. We recreated this mechanism in PH Balance Stones set. 


Your water. Your life. Your consciousness. 

Device volume: 650 ml

Nett weight: 40 g

The device is made in PRC 

The cartridge is made in Russia

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PH Balance Stones alkaline water set consists of 1) water pH regulator and 2) replacement cartridge for water pH regulation. 

TRUE WATER alkaline water benefits:

  • it regulates the acid-base balance of the body;
  • it slows down the cells' aging processes;
  • it recovers protective functions of the body;
  • it removes toxins;
  • it neutralizes free radicals;
  • it promotes rapid recovery after intellectual and physical exertion;
  • it is an important component for proper nutrition;
  • it is a natural source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc.

The cartridge is made of 100% natural material. 

Zeolite is a mineral that filters water and balances its pH to match the physiological parameters of the body.

Shungite is a natural filter that structures water, improving its redox potential. Such a water structure is similar to the growth medium of a cell and is easily absorbed by the body.

Flint is a mineral that affects the efficiency of cells' energy currency. Stabilizes recovery processes.

Silver is a precious metal that is known for its antibacterial properties. 

Magnesium is a vital microelement that is contained in most of the body tissues. It takes part in approximately 300 biochemical processes, for instance, supports muscles, nerves, immune system, strengthens the structure of bone tissues. 


  • Those who maintain good habits.
  • Those who stick to ecological and conscious consumption.
  • Those who want to drink something more, than just water.
  • Those who care about the quality of drinking water. 






Convenience and style. The device is compact and light. It is always at hand when needed. 

Cost-effectiveness. 1 device and a replacement cartridge are meant for a six-month use, which will save your money on bottled alkaline water. 

Sustainability. The device reduces the environmental damage caused by the production of plastic bottles. 1 device replaces 42 kg of plastic per year. The bottle itself contains BPA free plastic which is absolutely harmless and non-toxic. 

Versatility. TRUE WATER can be used for making tea, coffee, smoothie, etc. as well as for preparing BioDrone or tho drink with food supplements. 

Device: Household utensils made of Eastman Tritan ™ BPA free material, ABS plastic, stainless steel, silicone, polyester.

Cartridge: natural silver-containing zeolite, granular magnesium, shungite, flint.

Use: place the contents of the cartridge into the device container, rinse thoroughly with running water, close the cap, tighten. Pour drinking water into the device, let stand for 15–20 minutes.

If the device is not used for more than 14 days, it is recommended to rinse the cartridge with running water and let it dry at room temperature.

How to restore the cartridge: mix 1 teaspoon of food-grade citric acid with 100 ml of room temperature water, put the cartridge into the mixture and soak for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with running water. The cartridge is ready for use. You should restore the cartridge once every 20 days.

Storage conditions: store an unused cartridge replacement in hermetically sealed consumer containers at temperatures between 0 and +25 ° C, at a relative humidity of 75%, keep away from direct sunlight, heat, and odors. 

Precautions: do not ingest, store out of the reach of children, do not heat, avoid direct sunlight, fire, or high temperatures. Dry at room temperature and away from pungent odor substances. 

Expiration date: the device has no expiration date. The warranty period of the cartridge storage is 5 years from the date of manufacture. The cartridge lifespan is 3 months. 

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