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Dream Mix

Enerwood Dream composition mix

Dream mix is a great opportunity to try all three flavors of Enerwood Dream: Butterfly valley, Land of seven flowers, Honey waterfalls. Masterful combination of herbs, berries and tea leaves fascinates with its contrasting and rich tastes variety. Eberwood Dream tea has its unique flavor due to herbs and plants, collected and dried in a very special way, keeping all their valuable qualities.

Net weight: 99 g

1 package contains 3 bags (33 g. each) + stylish cork coaster.

Made in Russia

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A unique mixture of exclusive handmade tea blends is a real treat for tea lovers.

It is a great opportunity to try all three flavors and choose your favorite one.


  • Those who love delicious tea.
  • Those who look after health.
  • Those who care for tea ingredients.
  • Those who want to make tea at any place.
  • Created by professionals – unique tea blends of Enerwood Every Special are created byan exclusive for NL master of tea making - Romanyuk V.
  • Handmade – all the tea blends are handmade and contain only the best ingredients, keeping all their valuable qualities. 
  • Colorants and flavorings free – only fascinating, natural and real tea taste.
  • Useful package – each bag is made of foil, which saves its homogenous texture, preventing ingredients separation. Such a package keeps all healthful qualities of the tea, saving it from foreign smells.
  • Gift inside – each package contains a stylish cork coaster.

Land of seven flowers: black Ceylon tea (combination), apple (fruit),  thorow wax (bloom), anise (seeds),  pepper mint (leaves),  cornflower (petals), dwarf everlast (blooms), safflower (petals).

Butterfly valley: wild strawberry (berries, leaves), hibiscus (blooms), rose hips (berries), ashberry (berries), sunflower (petals), motherwort (leaves), licorice (root).

Honey waterfalls: black Ceylon tea (blend), Chinese tea “red spiral”, lindens (blooms), hawthorn (blooms), wild strawberry (berries), licorice (root), safflower (petals).

  • Pour 200 ml of boiling water (~90°С) over a brew in a hot pot.
  • Steep to taste.

Do not consume if intolerant to any of the ingredients

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