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EDshka straws

Reusable straws with the raccoon on it will decorate your cup or shaker and will certainly make you smile. Reusable straws are a perfect EDshka shakes accessory.   

Set of 3 straws 

100 ₽

Branded EDshka straws can be used to decorate a shaker or for a birthday table setting. Colorful stylish accessory, which is suitable for both kids and adults will make everybody smile. 


  • Kids and adults.
  • Those, who like shakes.
  • Those who appreciate individual design.
  • Those, who love celebrations.
  • Unique branded design.
  • Great accessory for a party.
  • Stylish souvenir or gift.
  • Perfect for EDshka shakes. 

Food grade plastic, rubber.

For cold and hot drinks. 

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