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YO Coffee

Whole-bean coffee BRAZIL

It is single origin 100% Brazilian Arabica, which has a rich taste with a hint of tangy chocolate, sweetness of dried fruits and a pleasant nuts aftertaste.

Net weight: 200 g

Made in Russia


Arabica cultivated in Alta Mogiana region in Brazil, is traditionally considered one of the best coffee varieties. The climate of this region is idyllic for coffee plants, which makes the beans’ texture better and the drink itself is balanced and clean. All the stages of production, from harvesting to processing, are thoroughly controlled, which guarantees the beans quality. Picking and sorting are done manually. When ready, this coffee has a tender balanced taste with slight citrus hints, mild tanginess of spices and quality cocoa aftertaste.

Medium roast makes the beverage flavor tangy, saving, at the same time, its mild taste and full-bodied aroma.


  • Those, who know about coffee.
  • Those, who need energy.
  • Those, appreciate beans quality and roast.
  • Specialty coffee type is choice coffee beans from the world-class plantations. Such coffee is grown in ecologically clean areas and is harvested manually. Beans are thoroughly sorted according to the size and quality, then processed naturally. Only 10% of world’s coffee correspond to such high quality.
  • Roasting- each coffee type is roasted differently in a special and unique way, certified by roast experts.
  • Packaging right after roasting saves the original taste and rich flavor of coffee beans.
  • Each package has a degassing valve, which releases carbon dioxide and doesn’t let oxygen in, saving original coffee flavor and taste, while stored.

100% Arabica

Recommended directions for use. 

  • Prepare in a coffee machine, using your favorite mode and enjoy.
  • Grind coffee in a coffee grinder, then pour 250 ml of boiled water over 4 teaspoons of coffee in a French press*, steep for 4 minutes. Enjoy.

*8 teaspoons per 500 ml of water.

Contraindications: do not consume in case of individual intolerance, during pregnancy and lactation, or in case of insomnia, nervous irritability or arterial hypertension. Not recommended for children under 18 y.o.

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