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Umbrella - Energy Diet Smart

with water activated pattern

It has everything you've always needed in an umbrella! A semi-automatic Be Loved umbrella will catch your eye at first sight: its reverse opening mechanism, stylish branded design and water-activated triangles pattern. With this umbrella you will look forward to a rainy day. 

Diameter: 105 cm

Length: 80 cm

Made in China 

1190 ₽

Semi-automatic branded reverse-opening umbrella is a stylish accessory and a real catch for those who are looking for convenient and functional things. This umbrella is also very unusual, it has a water activated pattern, which appears when it gets wet. You will enjoy walking in the rain from now on! 

For those:

  • Who wants to stay out of the rain and wind.
  • Who love to take long walks in any weather. 
  • Who prefer stylish and quality things.
  • Who want to stay out of the sun. 
  • Safe with solid frame, which makes it wind resistant. 
  • Unusual reverse folding design.
  • Convenient C-shaped handle made of rubberized plastic will keep your hands free. 
  • The arc is made of pongee fabric, which makes it water resistant. 
  • Double layered material will keep you out of the rain. 
  • Reverse mechanism will let you leave it freestanding to dry. 
  • Its large arc is enough for two people. 

Pongee, plastic.

Use to stay out of rain, snow and sun. 

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