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Enerwood fleece throw


Enerwood fleece throw.  Stay warm and cozy all year long with its high quality soft, fluffy fleece fabric, which will also bring life to any room while brightening up your home. Lightweight and extra warm fleece throw is perfect for both living room’s couch while watching television or when gone out camping. Its unique Enerwood inspired design gives an extra bright and cozy look to it.

Size: 130 x 160 cm

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NL represents Enerwood branded throws collection. Cozy, soft fleece throws will keep you warm and comfortable in any weather. The blanket is made of next-generation, breathable and hypoallergenic fleece fabric, which is easy to wash and dry and it needs no ironing. Throw this over your bed set when taking a nap, living room’s couch while watching television or when gone out camping for extra warmth.


  • Those, who appreciate comfort and beauty.
  • Those, who choose trendy accessories.
  • Those, who love cozy and warm things.
  • Soft, warm and compact.
  • Convenient and useful for travelling and picnics.
  • Suitable for machine wash, easy to iron, doesn't crumple. 
  • Quickly dries, keeps its shape and color for a long time.
  • Doesn’t cause allergy.
  • Stylish branded design.

100% polyester. Fabric thickness: 250 gr/sq.m

Use as a blanket, a throw or to decorate a room.  

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